Board Member, Dr. David Pattenden

Dr. David Pattenden

Board Member

David Pattenden holds five degrees from Queen’s University, including the university’s highest award, an honorary Doctor of Laws in recognition of his contribution to teaching, corporate culture innovator, development of innovative alternative funding for the Queen’s University Medical School, and as a leader-innovator in the delivery of health care policy. 

Pattenden’s former roles include his position as CEO of the Ontario Medical Association, Co-chair of the Ontario Physician e-Health Council, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the world-class transit division of Lavalin/Bombardier and its many international subsidiaries. In this role he was able to work in more than 20 countries worldwide. He also formerly practised law and was a member of the teaching faculties of Queen’s University in the Law School, and Commerce and MBA programs.

Pattenden has also served as an elected member on the University Council, and a member of the Queen’s University Board of Trustees, the Chair of the Health and Safety and Environmental Committee and was a member of both the Audit and Pension Committees. Currently he is the Chair of the Board of the joint hospital/Queen’s University interdisciplinary research initiative, the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC). He is the recipient of The Queen’s University Padre Laverty Award and the Distinguished Service Award. He is a former Director of Kingston General Hospital, Chair of the Financial Resources Committee and legacy member of the Board of Directors of Hotel Dieu Hospital. He is also the Trustee of the Justice William J. Henderson Foundation which donates millions of dollars to support health care issues and initiatives. 

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