Josef Amann

Patient & Family Advisory Council member

I am a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council for the following reasons:

  • Advisors have direct input in the day-to-day operations of the hospital and their vision for the future is valued.
  • We help develop plans and strategies to improve patient care.
  • Better patient and family satisfaction increases the rate of recovery of the patient and leads to a better overall health care experience.
  • We are facilitating a cultural shift, a focus on patient and family, an openness in health care to their (patient and family) needs and desires.
  • We are a valued part of the team.

I am involved in several committees as a Patient Experience Advisor both within the hospital and in the community. These include:  Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Committee, Patient Safety Quality & Risk Committee, Capital Committee, Behavior Crisis Alert, Performance and Planning, Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network, Research Management Committee,  Strategic Advisory Committee, and the South East LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Patient Experience Advisor experience has been very satisfying and rewarding as one sees the change in the hospital atmosphere and a movement that has turned into an avalanche towards patient and family-centred care.