Vivian Bethell

Patient & Family Advisory Council member

Why are you a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council?

I believe strongly in KGH’s focus on Patient- and Family-Centred Care and in building partnerships between patients/family members and health-care teams. I want to be part of the process that promotes and supports this type of patient care.

What committee/working groups/projects do you feel you made the greatest impact/enjoyed the most/have been the most rewarding?

I have participated in many interviews for positions at all levels and I think that my input has generally been regarded as useful in the hiring/promoting decisions. Committees on web re-design, parking and hand-hygiene have been rewarding as has my membership on the Regional Oncology Patient and Family Advisory Council and as one of the founding members of the Renal Patient and Family Advisory Council.

What’s the best thing about being a patient Experience Advisor?

There are many great aspects about being a Patient Experience Advisor. The opportunity to give back and to have a forum to make a difference are very compelling reasons for membership. I am rewarded everyday by being involved, by working with wonderful staff and other PEA’s, by sharing positive outcomes and challenges and discussing possible changes, and in a myriad of other ways .