Founding, Expansion, School of Nursing, Milestones

Origins of the RHSJ and the Hotel-Dieu Montreal

  • Who were Jerome Le Royer, Marie de la Ferre and Jeanne Mance?
  • What was Montreal's connection with our Hotel Dieu Hospital site?

The Founding of the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston

  • Caring with only eight beds in two wards
  • Taking in their first orphan:  six-year-old Mary Anne Burns

Early Expansion and the Typhus Epidemic of 1847

  • No stranger to epidemics:  Our Sisters tending to the sick in typhus quarantine sheds
  • Expanding the Hotel Dieu Orphanage and Brock Street buildings

The New Hotel Dieu Hospital

  • Taking over the "magnificent" Regiopolis College site in 1892
  • Opening of the new Hotel Dieu:  "the most commodious and modernized hospital that can be found on the continent"

Growth of the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston

  • A century of major building projects undertaken in every decade
  • Founding of St. Joseph's School of Nursing in 1912

St. Joseph's School of Nursing

  • Educating a workforce of lay nurses to support the Sisters and increasing volume of patients
  • A 62-year history of training excellence that graduated 1695 nurses


  • 175 years of changing the face of health care in Kingston
  • Joining Kingston General Hospital to form Kingston Health Sciences Centre:  tranforming care, together