1. Ensure quality in every patient experience

We aim to create a quality patient experience where excellence is embedded in everything we do. By creating a quality roadmap, we will provide the necessary structure, focus and support for us to achieve this goal. We will position KHSC as a high performer on the key dimensions of quality to ensure we are always delivering care that is safe, effective, patient-centred, efficient, timely and equitable. This work will be supported through construction and improvements to care environments to best suit the needs of our patients, families and care teams.

To achieve this strategic direction we will:

  • Make quality the foundation of everything we do.
  • Ensure smooth transitions in care for patients and families across our regional health-care system.
  • Lead the evolution of patient engagement and patient- and family-centred care.
  • Create the space for better care.

By 2024:

  • KHSC has a robust culture of quality where quality improvement and cost efficiency is a part of daily work
  • KHSC benchmarks as a high performer amongst Ontario teaching hospitals
  • Patients and families are full partners in our innovation, quality improvement and design initiatives
  • Our communities are inspired to provide philanthropic support for our master facilities plan

In 2019-20 together with our patients, families and partners we will:

  • Implement business support, data analytics and reporting infrastructure to enable value-based health care and innovation
  • Improve ED wait time for inpatient bed by five percent (QIP target)
  • Enable early identification of patients requiring palliative support (QIP target)
  • Develop a patient mobilization strategy for admitted patients at the KGH site to improve our ALC conversion rate (QIP target)
  • Financial performance is on track
  • KHSC programs under the MSAA agreement achieve a balanced operating position
  • Regional patient and family partnership and community engagement plan is created
  • Infrastructure Ontario agreements are in place, the planning, design and compliance team has been hired and the design process is underway

How are we doing?
To learn more about our Quality Improvement Plan click here.
Read our quarterly performance results as they become available.