echocardiogram or ECHO

a test that uses ultrasound to see how blood moves through your heart

see heart tests

ejection fraction (EF)

is a measurement that tells how well your heart is working. This number shows how much blood your heart is pumping out each time it beats

is the percentage of blood pumped out of the ventricle (lower chamber of the heart) each time it contracts

electrocardiogram (ECG)

heart test

a quick test used record and document the hearts electrical activity (see heart tests)

epicardial Wires

there are two types:

  • temporary epicardial wires (sutures) sewn to the surface of the heart after cardiac surgery that allows for temporary pacemaking of the heart if needed
  • permanent epicardial wires (sutures) which are inserted into the heart when a pacemaker or defibrillator is inserted