Heart Rhythm Service

The Heart Rhythm Service is located at the Kingston General site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and is an interprofessional team dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service to the patients of South Eastern Ontario region. We deliver specialist care to some of the youngest and oldest individuals in our region.
Our physician service runs as a team because we strongly believe this provides the best patient care and reduces delays and improves communication with our partners. This means that referrals are made to the team and you will be seen at the very next available clinic. You will be seen more than once  and will very likely see different members of our team during your care journey. 

The Heart Rhythm Service provides a number of certain tests that your specialist may have recommended for you. These may include: 

​We partner with Queen’s University and are proud to take part and produce some of the finest international research in heart rhythm disturbances. Our patients and partners are often asked to help with research at as this helps keep us at the cutting edge of our field. Our research initiatives include research into atrial fibrillation, ICD technology, efficient care delivery models and cardiac resynchronization therapy.