Outpatient Clinics - Cardiac Care

Outpatient clinics for most cardiac care services are located at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site at 166 Brock Street. These clinics run medical procedures or tests that can be done in a medical center but do not require an overnight stay for recovery.

Clinic Listing

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Arrhythmia Clinic

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

General Cardiology 

Heart Function Clinic

Interventional Cardiology

Rapid Assessment Clinic


If you are coming to one of the cardiac clinics, please remember to bring the following:

  • Your appointment slip which includes the time and date of your appointment
  • Your Health Card, also known as your OHIP card
  • A complete and up-to-date list of your current medications provided to you by your pharmacist, or all of the medications you are currently taking, in their original drugstore container. This includes insulin, inhalers, any prescribed creams or eye drops as well as any non-prescription medications or supplements such as herbals and vitamins

You are also welcome to bring a family member or friend for support or personal assistance and they are welcome to attend your clinic visit with you if you wish. You may also bring a snack in case your clinic appointment is delayed or runs late.

Also, when attending your appointment, you should expect to meet with a nurse, a medical student or resident and doctor. During your visit, most patients receive an electrocardiogram (ECG) when they arrive.

If you need to check your appointment time, re-schedule your appointment or cancel your appointment time, please call us using the number on your appointment slip.

If you have lost your appointment slip, please call 613-548-2342, or our toll-free number at 1-855-851-3490.

Please note, Patients must be referred to this service by a doctor or other healthcare professional.