interventional nurses

registered nurses

registered nurses (RN) who have special training to work in interventional radiology (IVR)

registered nurses with additional training in critical care and IVR procedures. Before, during and after procedures the IVR nurses provide physical and emotional support for the patient. When needed they will administer medications such as the conscious sedation and monitor the patient's vital signs and progress throughout the procedure.

interventional radiologists

doctors with years of special training. They do tests and procedures with few or no incisions (cut or opening). This means less pain during treatment and faster recovery afterwards

doctors who have completed an undergraduate degree, 4 years of medical school, a one year internship, a diagnostic radiology residency program and then a one or two year fellowship in vascular interventional radiology.

interventional radiology (IVR)

an area in the x-ray or imaging department

an area that does tests and procedure using images to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system

these are typically catheter or needle examinations utilized to "intervene" and diagnose and/or treat a medical situation or condition, while utilizing motion x-ray imaging methods or ultrasound. This encompasses a wide range of examination types, including imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular, GI, urinary, and many other areas and/or medical conditions.