Find a patient

If you have arrived at the hospital and are looking for a patient, please speak to a staff member (volunteer, security officer, nurse) each time you visit to inquire about your loved one's location.  We ask this because the location of the patient could change between visits.

Locating a patient by phone

If a patient is admitted to the hospital and you wish to contact them, please call our voice activated Patient Locating system at 613-549-6666 extension 2367. You will be asked for the legal first and last name of the patient you wish to contact. If the system can locate that patient you will be automatically transferred to the phone in their room. If you have difficulties with the automated system please call the KGH switchboard at 613-549-6666 extension 0 for further assistance.

Patient privacy

Please note that we cannot release information on patients who are not admitted to hospital, for example, patients here for an appointment or patients in the Emergency department that have yet to be admitted.  By law, the hospital must protect the privacy of all patients and we only provide information about a patient as allowed under the law. So we rely on our patients to let us know who their primary contact person is and what information can be provided to that person. Treatment and condition information about a patient cannot be shared with anyone without that patient's expressed consent. We will ask that families, with the consent of the patient, designate one person to be a 'point person' for contacting the hospital for updates. This allows our staff to perform patient care and not be on the phone with multiple family members.