What does Emergency Care look like?

The Emergency department at KGH is very busy and there is always lots of activity taking place.  When you or your loved one arrives at KGH you will be triaged. This helps us decide how quickly you will need care, depending on your condition. When you are triaged, you will also be assigned a 'section' or area in the department. This again, depends on type of care you require. This assignment helps Emergency staff know how serious your condition is, and what they can expect as part of your treatment.

The five sections in the Emergency Care department are:

Section A: This area is for resuscitation and trauma patients.

Section B: This is a fast-track area for patients.

Section C: This is the sub-acute assessment area. (for example, for patients waiting to see specialist or an admitted patient waiting bed elsewhere in the hospital)

Section D: This is the acute assessment area and contains a Rapid Assessment Zone. This means an initial assessment will occur on a stretcher and then you will be transferred to a chair. This helps the doctor see you sooner.

Section E: This is a small area with three single rooms for interviews and assessments. This area is not typically used for typical patient care.