One of our busiest hallways has said goodbye to its fuzzy flooring. The Carpet Removal Project team ripped it up and replaced it with tiles in the FAPC entrance and along the Kidd 1 corridor near the main lobby of Kingston General Hospital.

The work was done mainly in the...Read more

Kingston General Hospital has just flipped the switch on two new pieces of software for our Surgical, Perioperative and Anesthesia (SPA) program that will improve the flow of information. Both of the applications are part of the PICIS OR Manager software KGH launched a year ago to carry...Read more

After months of planning, Kingston General Hospital hosted its first major conference on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10. The event brought together about 300 people from across the province and country, representing both patients and a broad range of health care organizations.

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The Automated Drug Cabinet project is picking up steam. Several cabinets were installed earlier this year in our Emergency Department. Now for the first time, cabinets are in place and working on our inpatient units as well, namely Kidd 4 and Davies 4 ICU.

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The Canadian Cancer Society has created a new category of research grant that focuses on improving the patient experience, and a physician practicing at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston General Hospital is among the first to receive it.

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The Kingston General Hospital Nutrition Services department is savouring a new award. The Atrium Café has been given a bronze certificate in the 'Eat Smart! Award of Excellence' program.

The program is run by public health units across the province. It aims to encourage workplaces to...Read more