Responding to someone with a kind smile and a sympathetic ear can be all that is needed to turn a difficult situation into one that is remembered as positive. Empathetic communication helps patients, families and staff work together in a busy hospital. That’s why Kingston General Hospital is...Read more

A new dermatology clinic will soon be opening at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston General Hospital to deal with a problem that’s on the rise, skin cancer. This year's Relay for Life campaign is going to help get it up and running, as all the...Read more

As a teaching institution, there’s a lot of learning going on at Kingston General Hospital. However, for many years it has been difficult to find out about those opportunities unless you were specifically invited. But thanks to KGH’s new Interprofessional Education Calendar, launched last week, those sessions are open and...Read more

The weather is warming up and soon road construction season will be upon us. This year it will have a greater impact on Kingston General Hospital as the City of Kingston will begin a project to replace the infrastructure under most of the streets around the...Read more

Kingston General Hospital is widely regarded as a role model for hospitals looking to implement patient- and family-centred care initiatives. Now we are also getting that nod for our work in the area of accessibility.

Earlier this month we were selected for recognition under the 2014 ...Read more