A new set of signs are being installed around the hospital to remind everyone not to smoke near our main entrances. They are in response to feedback from our patients and families, staff and volunteers who are concerned about the number of people who sometimes smoke outside of our three...Read more

The city road construction project is entering a new phase. Work crews put new asphalt down on George and Okill Streets last week officially wrapping up work in that area.

Meanwhile, things are also beginning to take shape out front of the hospital. The work is moving steadily down Stuart...Read more

Meetings are a great way to bring people’s minds together, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s seat has to be planted firmly in well, a seat. As part of our hospital’s employee wellness program, one of our conference rooms is now set up to host meetings where people can stand up....Read more

When receiving treatment at Kingston General Hospital, there are times when a patient can spend a lot of time staring up at the ceiling. Now, thanks to a new art donation, patients in several areas of the hospital will now have something more interesting to look at overhead....Read more

A new service has arrived at Kingston General Hospital that will make finding a translator for any language as easy as picking up the phone.

On July 1, KGH introduced a new phone-in translation service called Language Line. This new service gives staff access to more than 200...Read more