For many patients, getting in and out of their inpatient bed can be a challenge and this is where some new equipment is coming in handy in our hospital. Several new transfer poles have just been added to Connell 10 for patients with mobility issues to use.

These poles attach...Read more

Even though microscopes have been around for hundreds of years, they are still playing a vital role in modern medicine. In fact, a new microscope is being purchased for Kingston General Hospital’s Laboratory Services Department that will reduce the time it takes to diagnose a condition while a...Read more

After 27 years working as a nurse, retiree Carole Rogers recently saw KGH through a fresh set of eyes. This time she was a patient.

“I fell ill and needed to visit the Emergency Department,” says Rogers. “Unfortunately I had to be admitted to the hospital, but a...Read more

When patients are admitted to our hospital, they will now be handed a new tool to use during their stay. It’s a revised Patient and Family Guide and it’s been refreshed in several important ways. The biggest change to know about is the addition of new sections where...Read more