Every shift Ralph Yeung is searching, in hopes of finding answers for #myKHSC patients.

He’s a medical radiation technologist (MRT) with the Interventional Radiology team, which diagnoses and treats patients using minimally invasive image-guided procedures.

“Being a MRT means you are in a position to provide clarity, reassurance, sometimes hope,”...Read more

By day Michelle Hiebert is an executive assistant at #myKHSC, but during her spare time she’s supporting a local charity and helping those less fortunate stay a little warmer.

“SOCKS Kingston collects new socks for the homeless and those in need,” Hiebert explained. “Many people do not realize that socks...Read more

If a health care professional at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has provided you with excellent patient- and family-centred care, now is your chance to nominate that person for an Exceptional Healer Award.

KHSC invites patients, family members and staff to nominate doctors, nurses and allied health professionals (e.g., physiotherapists,...Read more

She’s one of the first people family members interact with when a loved one is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

Dorothy Messenger may not provide direct patient care, but the volunteer plays a vital role within the care team.

“We act as...Read more

Every shift, Anne Vincent makes her rounds to about half a dozen units at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

As a medical laboratory technologist for point-of-care testing, part of her role includes making sure care teams are set up for success.

“Point-of-care testing is the testing of any samples taken...Read more

When Tim Woodford was growing up he never dreamed of being an electroencephalogram (EEG) technologist.

It’s not like you hear about the position a lot as a child and many of you reading this may not even know what an EEG technologist does.

So what led him to this field...Read more

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Nancey Martindale, chances are she’s made you smile.

The registered nurse joined Kingston Health Sciences Centre in 1980, initially working in the Intensive Care Unit. Three years later, she transferred to the Emergency Department (ED) and has been supporting patients there for almost four...Read more

It was love at first rotation for nephrologist Dr. Jocelyn Garland.

“I trained at Western University and nephrology was my first rotation as an intern just out of medical school. I don’t know there was just something about nephrology. Everything I did after that first rotation didn’t really compare,” recalled...Read more

It’s one of those positions you may never have heard of, but without people like Bradley Leaver Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) wouldn’t be able to perform many of its procedures.

Leaver is a medical device reprocessing technician.

It’s no secret health care facilities use a wide array of equipment,...Read more

For a seventh year, a team of caped crusaders traded fighting crime for fighting grime on September 29 as they swung by to put a sparkle on windows and young faces at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel and the Hulk—all power cleaners from Kingston’s...Read more