a place where you can get help when you don't have a family doctor, or when you can't get an appointment with your family doctor

walk-in-clinics are not for medical emergencies

ward (hospital ward)

floor or unit in a hospital 

a department, floor, or room of a hospital set aside for a  group of patients. For example a surgery ward or the children's ward 

warning sign

signals that something may be wrong, for example pain or a fever


a growth on your skin


to get a child used to food other than its mother's milk 

stop slowly

slowly decrease the use of technological support


a course whistling sound when you breathe

white blood cells (WBC)

one of the cells your body makes to help fight infection. A blood test can measure your white blood cells

whooping cough (pertussis)

disease of your lungs

a disease caused by bacteria that infects your lungs and airways. Pertussis causes serious coughing fits that can lead to choking or vomiting. The coughing can be so intense that a “whooping” sound happens when an infected person tries to catch his or her breath. This is why pertussis is commonly known as whooping cough


take away, remove, take out, stop


deny, keep from, hold back


take, bear, resist


see, note, observe


an injury that cuts or breaks your skin