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It’s often said that the Emergency Department (ED) is the ‘front door to hospital care.’ In fact at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC), hundreds of people come through the ED each day, totaling more than 57,000 visits in the last year alone. Whether they arrive by ambulance or walk-in, every...Read more

Former NHL player Mario Lemieux once said, “Every day is a great day for hockey.”

November 27, 2021, was no exception for 31-year-old Brandon Blaskie, a goalie, who had travelled from Perth to Kingston to play a game of hockey. Partway through, he suffered a stroke.

“I started to feel...Read more

Issy Dunn is recognized as a Kingston Health Sciences Centre employee by a typical ID badge but two small pins attached to the badge—a rainbow pride flag and a button reading “they/them”—also help to identify Issy as nonbinary (or genderqueer), a term for persons who don’t pigeonhole themselves as solely...Read more

Nothing conveys trust quite like putting your life in someone else’s hands. When people are critically ill in the Emergency Department (ED), they often have little to no time to build trust in the health-care providers they are facing for the first time. The confidence that develops quickly with patients...Read more