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“Nursing is unlike most other jobs. It’s a part of you, you give a lot, and you go through a lot with the people you call your coworkers, friends and family,” says Vici Del-Mei. “It’s going to be difficult, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, to walk away from supporting and...Read more

As a health-care worker, Sarah Moore-Vasram says, “my influence on people’s health is limited. So much of what determines someone’s overall health is social in nature and beyond what I can do in health care. The conditions in which people are born, grow and live can account for over half of what...Read more

Everyone should have equitable access to safe, high quality maternal and newborn care closer to home especially for those living in rural, remote and isolated communities. In First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities, access to high quality health care can improve maternal and newborn care by ensuring it is culturally...Read more

“I was always taught that when you’re not enjoying your job anymore, then it’s time to get out but now is not the time for me.  I still have lots left to do.”

Over the last 18 months Bill Gourdier, food and catering manager for the Brockview Café at the...Read more