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The COVID-19 pandemic has often been described as a marathon, not a sprint. With a finish line that is off in the distance, health-care workers on Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) COVID-19 inpatient units are regularly going an extra mile, or two, for their patients and each other.

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The 2021 National Nursing Week theme of “we answer the call” fits Jayne Leonard like a glove.

Over 17 years of bedside nursing at Kingston Health Sciences Centre, followed by 15 years (and running) as an Occupational Health Nurse (OHN), she has been there for the seriously ill—including neurology/neurosurgery, critical...Read more

When crisis strikes at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) – from floods to cyber-attacks, and everything in between - the organization flips into a mode of operation called Incident Command; a structure that allows for quick response to navigate through challenges like these as smoothly as possible.

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What started with 10 beds in a Bayshore HealthCare retirement home has expanded over the years, and last month reached a total of 70 beds in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) that helps patients gain the level of wellbeing they need to get back home.

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