As far as new neighbours go, the brand new Queen's School of Medicine across the street from KGH is a winner. Not only is the $77-million building a pleasing mix of glass and limestone to gaze upon, but what's happening on the inside is also exciting for KGH....Read more

Patient flow boards, bullet rounds and interprofessional charting are new concepts at KGH, implemented as part of a new model of care known as the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Model, or ICPM.

The new model, designed by KGH staff and physicians, is transforming the way care is delivered at KGH. The...Read more

New strategy to dovetail with KGH 2015: Strategy for achieving Outstanding Care, Always.

The view from Brenda Carter's office is getting more interesting by the day. She's the Regional Vice President for the South East Regional Cancer Program, and her office overlooks the newly opened lobby in the Burr wing....Read more

Formed in February 2010, the Patient and Family Advisory Council is made up of 27 former patients or family members of patients who come to the table with their own stories, their families' stories, wanting to work with KGH to improve the patient experience. They drive and guide change as...Read more

Welcome to KGH Connect, our virtual community for people who want to stay involved with and connected to life at Kingston General Hospital.

In 2009 and 2010, we reached out to over 2,000 people in the Kingston community to start a conversation about how we could transform the patient and...Read more