Issy Dunn is recognized as a Kingston Health Sciences Centre employee by a typical ID badge but two small pins attached to the badge—a rainbow pride flag and a button reading “they/them”—also help to identify Issy as nonbinary (or genderqueer), a term for persons who don’t pigeonhole themselves as solely...Read more

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has been awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada. The designation is the highest award possible through the hospital accreditation program.

Accreditation is an ongoing process of assessing health care and social services organizations against rigorous standards of excellence to identify what is...Read more

After two long years mired in a pandemic, it’s safe to assume that many people will be hitting the road this summer, taking advantage of the warmer weather and easing COVID-19 safety measures. That’s especially true here in Southeastern Ontario where many will be heading to cottages, or taking their...Read more

Long respected for its compassionate and culturally-sensitive approach to caring for Cree patients and families who travel to Kingston for medical treatment, Ininew Patient Services (IPS) at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has been honoured by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada (CHAC) with its 2022...Read more

Nothing conveys trust quite like putting your life in someone else’s hands. When people are critically ill in the Emergency Department (ED), they often have little to no time to build trust in the health-care providers they are facing for the first time. The confidence that develops quickly with patients...Read more

For Dr. Leonie Herx, medical director of Palliative Care at Kingston Health Sciences Centre, the myth she would like to bust the most about people receiving palliative care is that there is no hope for them.

The opposite is true says Dr. Herx, “Palliative care helps people live well and...Read more

Kingston Health Sciences Centre will soon be receiving over $45 million in funding following an announcement by Hastings-Lennox and Addington MPP Daryl Kramp earlier this week. For KHSC, the announcement included over $32 million to secure the continued operation of 95 patient beds, as well as 3.5 per cent boost...Read more

Thanks to over $300,000 in grant funding from Ontario Health, patients who present at hospitals across Southeastern Ontario will soon have access to faster blood test results. The funding has been used to purchase new digital morphology technology, which has now been installed in a number of hospitals across the...Read more

A charge nurse in busy outpatient clinics at the Hotel Dieu Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC), Julie Ballance has been pulling double duty lately as an Accreditation Ambassador, a role that makes her a key frontline resource as KHSC prepares for a week-long assessment April 25-29 that...Read more

April 17 is World Hemophilia Day and the Inherited Bleeding Disorders Team  at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) are promoting the use of an online Bleeding Assessment Tool (BAT) that will help individuals determine if the bleeding they experience is ‘normal’ and will guide the individual towards the help they...Read more