The Queen's Family Health Team, operating through the Queen's Department of Family Medicine, is welcoming new patients.

With two downtown clinic locations, at 220 Bagot St. and 115 Clarence St., the Queen's Family Health Team (QFHT), is the Department's Kingston site. With the recent expansion of its education program, new...Read more

Drs. Paula James and David Lillicrap were given an unexpected honour at the annual meeting of the National Hemophilia Foundation in Chicago last month. They were named “Researchers of the Year” at the event's big awards banquet.

“It was a bit of a surprise to us, but certainly a thrill...Read more

A sizeable crowd turned on Nov. 10, 2011 for our hospital's first KGH Connect event. The topic of the evening was “Patients Know Best” and who better to speak to it than four of our Patient Experience Advisors.

Each took a turn explaining why they became advisors and why they...Read more

KGH is ranked among Canada's Top 40 Research Hospitals in a first-ever compilation that showcases the important role that hospitals play in the country's research landscape.

The list ranks each hospital based on how much research income it generated from all sources. With just over $16 million in research income...Read more

As far as new neighbours go, the brand new Queen's School of Medicine across the street from KGH is a winner. Not only is the $77-million building a pleasing mix of glass and limestone to gaze upon, but what's happening on the inside is also exciting for KGH....Read more