If you've been in the main KGH lobby recently, you've no doubt noticed its big renovation has come a long way. The carpet is long gone, new dividing walls have been put up and the finish line for the new Lovell Drugs pharmacy and the “On-the-Go featuring Tim Hortons” coffee...Read more

Now that the first phase of our redevelopment project is almost complete, it's time to begin planning for the next big project, Phase 2.

The province has given KGH the green light to start the process of planning for the proposed construction job. Planners are now at our hospital to...Read more

Researchers at Kingston General Hospital and Queen's University have identified a new mechanism that could potentially explain why the body's immune system sometimes fails to eliminate cancer. The new findings shed light on the possible cause of immune resistance in cancer cells, and indicate that nitroglycerin, a relatively safe and...Read more

With the final finishing touches now in place, the new chemotherapy suite is certainly more suite-like, thanks in part to a significant donation from the KGH Auxiliary.

Patients and staff moved into the new suite on Burr 1 in early October. While most of the new equipment was in place,...Read more

Clean, green and carpet free. Those are just a few of the outcomes outlined in KGH's five-year strategy – and so far, so good. The carpet removal and energy renewal projects are well underway. And now, some new initiatives to keep KGH clean and shiny are getting some traction.

“Cleaning...Read more