Welcome to this Q4 and year-end update, highlighting our progress against our strategy and annual corporate performance goals. We're pleased to report that 80 per cent of our performance targets were met by year end.

This fiscal year marks not only the end of a positive year for Kingston General...Read more

These are some challenging times for research programs the world over. Thanks to the gloomy global economy, clinical trials are down and new funding is hard to come by.

But here at Kingston General Hospital, our research program keeps on growing, and in more ways than one. We've...Read more

Hospital finances ready for coming challenges

It's been a long time since Kingston General Hospital's finances have looked this good – 16 years to be exact. That was the last time we ended the year with a working capital surplus and positive operating position.

“The fact is, everyone...Read more

The building is done and the brand new cancer care space is officially open. Now it's time to set our sights on the future.

“Redevelopment has been a key focus for everyone involved in cancer care at KGH for the last several years. Now it's time to focus on what's...Read more

A new weapon is on the way to help in the ongoing battle against dangerous bacteria. After much study and consultation, a new antibiotic stewardship program is being created.

“Our main goal is simply to reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics in the hospital,” says Gerald Evans, medical...Read more

Kathy Lee is a Physiotherapist at Kingston General Hospital and is the recipient of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's 2011 National Clinical Education Award.

This award recognizes a physiotherapist that demonstrates exceptional dedication to clinical education and contributes high-valued and outstanding supervision of students.Lee was formally recognized by her fellow colleagues...Read more

It's been a big few weeks for the Kingston General Hospital research program, featuring a multi-million dollar announcement, a prestigious award and another successful showcase.

Leading the charge was Dr. Daren Heyland. He's won funding to head up a new national research network aimed at improving healthcare for...Read more

The Ontario Tumour Bank (OTB) is celebrating a milestone. It's now banked samples from more than 10,000 donors and Kingston General Hospital is a big part of that success.

Since the program began at our hospital in 2005, over 1,700 donors from Kingston and across the...Read more