Making the decision to quit smoking and remain smoke-free is not easy. Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance. But research shows that having the support of a health-care practitioner can significantly increase success rates.

"When a patient is in hospital they are usually more motivated to quit smoking,"...Read more

Patients who come to Kingston General Hospital for surgery are now spending more time with their families before they go in for their operation. A new patient-centred initiative has created two large OR waiting rooms within the Same Day Admission Centre that allows patients and their families to...Read more

World-renowned quality improvement strategists impressed by KGH

When Kingston General Hospital CEO Leslee Thompson and Medicine Program Operational Director Richard Jewitt participated in a course at Intermountain Medical Center in Utah recently, they didn't anticipate that KGH's strides in patient-centred care would garner so much interest.

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Men with prostate cancer could soon know precisely how serious their disease is - and how aggressively to treat it - the moment they are diagnosed, thanks to a new team of researchers at Kingston General Hospital.

"We hope to create a test so accurate that patients don't need to...Read more

With more and more women choosing to have children later in life, you might expect that Canadian healthcare practitioners would agree on the age at which expectant mothers should be screened for the risk of having a child born with a genetic condition, such as Down Syndrome.

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Preventing patients from falling is a safety priority at hospitals everywhere and with good reason. As Accreditation Canada points out, a patient fall can result in a serious injury, an increased length of stay and possibly lead to claims of clinical negligence. That is why it's created a ...Read more

12-year old McKenna Modler talks with CEO Leslee Thompson after presenting a cheque to the Children's Cancer Care Fund at Kingston General Hospital worth just over $96,000.

If anyone knows how difficult cancer treatment can be on children and their families, it's McKenna Modler. After her diagnosis with...Read more