Kingston General Hospital has been recognized as having one of the top stroke programs in Canada after achieving the prestigious Stroke Services Distinction designation from Accreditation Canada.

KGH becomes the second acute-care hospital in Canada to succeed at attaining the award that distinguishes a health organization as being...Read more

Last month, 54-year-old Kim McCabe couldn't go more than two weeks without needing to see a physician. McCabe suffers from benign esophageal strictures - otherwise known as non-cancerous narrowing of the throat. It's a condition she's lived with since mistaking a glass of lye (sodium hydroxide)...Read more

Our South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has agreed to fund a new position that's all about guiding patients on their journey from admission to discharge. In the summer, two Care Navigators were introduced to the medicine program as a pilot project. Now KGH will be recruiting for two...Read more

The Endoscopy team at Kingston General Hospital (KGH) has successfully performed the first endoscopic procedure in North America using a biodegradable esophageal stent. Esophageal stents are used to improve the quality of life for patients who find it difficult, if not near impossible to swallow due to benign esophageal strictures...Read more

Anticipation gave way to smiles last week as stroke care team members received preliminary results from Accreditation Canada surveyors about how Kingston General Hospital's stroke care program is performing.

"You've met 89 of 93 criteria in stroke best practice standards care and prevention," said Accreditation Canada surveyor Dr....Read more

Kingston General Hospital's Q2 performance report is now available online. One issue it draws attention to is the rise in the number of Code Gridlocks that have been called - one lasting up to 72 hours. It's a troublesome trend that has continued into this quarter.

So what...Read more