KGH cardiac patients with heart rhythm disorders are the first in Ontario to be treated with a new medical technology similar to the global positioning systems (GPS) that drivers use to determine the location of their vehicle on a map.

MediGuide Technology offers KGH medical teams the ability to see...Read more

There is no doubt that high-achieving teams are a key ingredient in helping us deliver Outstanding Care, Always to our patients and their families. That’s why the KGH Team Awards are considered to be our hospital’s most prestigious awards.

Three awards are handed out each year in the categories of...Read more

After a short hiatus over the holiday season, KGH’s Communicate with HEART training program is back with sessions that resume in February and then continue into the summer.

Communicate with HEART is a program created by the Cleveland Clinic. It’s a healthcare-focused model that will provide all KGH employees, along...Read more