From our Operating Rooms, to our inpatient rooms, to our busy lobbies, Kingston General Hospital recently put our cleaning performance to the test and we came up with some impressive results. 

Independent auditors from Westech were at KGH for four days at the end of April and during their...Read more

It’s estimated that there are roughly 35 thousand people in Canada living with some type of inherited bleeding disorder, however it’s believed that most of them aren’t even aware of it. A new online tool, launched this week by a KGH physician is attempting to help close that gap. 

A...Read more

Facing the challenges of a life-limiting illness is a difficult time for many patients in our area and accessing the services they need to improve their quality of life can be confusing. That is why Kingston General Hospital (KGH) has partnered with Providence Care, and the South East...Read more

Every day researchers at KGH are busy working to create breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions aimed at improving the health of millions of people world-wide.  This week, we are inviting the Kingston community to learn more about this work by following along on a unique virtual tour that takes place...Read more