Virtual reality (VR) has arrived at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and is dramatically changing the hospital experience for young patients.

Last month, KHSC introduced VR goggles in the Diagnostic Imaging department at our Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site for pediatric patients in need of a ...Read more

Paediatric infectious diseases experts from Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC), The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), CHEO, the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre and McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH) have issued a joint statement in support of both COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations for children aged six months...Read more

A new electrocardiogram (ECG) machine is now in place at the Cancer Centre that is helping to improve patient flow, access to technology and resulting in quicker turnaround to diagnostics. Prior to the arrival of this new machine, patients who required an ECG would have to wait until one was...Read more

Every shift, Anne Vincent makes her rounds to about half a dozen units at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

As a medical laboratory technologist for point-of-care testing, part of her role includes making sure care teams are set up for success.

“Point-of-care testing is the testing of any samples taken...Read more

Every year, Kingston Health Sciences Centre's (KHSC) Medical Staff Association (MSA) recognizes the leaders and dedicated clinical-care providers whose achievements stand out and are noteworthy. In addition to the yearly awards granted to an Outstanding Clinician and a Clinician Innovator, this year two new awards have been added - Outstanding Allied Health Care Colleague of the Year and Outstanding Nursing...Read more

When Tim Woodford was growing up he never dreamed of being an electroencephalogram (EEG) technologist.

It’s not like you hear about the position a lot as a child and many of you reading this may not even know what an EEG technologist does.

So what led him to this field...Read more

For family doctor tips, in multiple languages, on caring for children with respiratory symptoms, please visit the Ontario College of Family Physicians website

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) along with our peer hospitals across the province, continue to see very large volumes of young children and infants...Read more

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Nancey Martindale, chances are she’s made you smile.

The registered nurse joined Kingston Health Sciences Centre in 1980, initially working in the Intensive Care Unit. Three years later, she transferred to the Emergency Department (ED) and has been supporting patients there for almost four...Read more

It was love at first rotation for nephrologist Dr. Jocelyn Garland.

“I trained at Western University and nephrology was my first rotation as an intern just out of medical school. I don’t know there was just something about nephrology. Everything I did after that first rotation didn’t really compare,” recalled...Read more

When she first started training to be a spiritual health practitioner, it wasn’t long before Kelly Collins was telling her supervisor:  “I want your job.”

That certainty remains strong after 10 years of spiritual health care training, practice and teaching in various health-care settings, including a new role as spiritual...Read more