Kingstonian Kristen Jones has been followed by Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) cardiologists since she was diagnosed, at two years old, with a bicuspid aortic valve. It’s a congenital condition that means she was born with an aortic valve with two flaps instead of three.

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The maps Kingston Health Science Centre’s (KHSC) cardiologists make of patients’ hearts in order to find and treat faulty heart tissue, causing abnormal heart rhythms, are being made with more accuracy and speed using new and improved heart mapping technology.

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Patients in southeastern Ontario will no longer need to travel to Toronto or Ottawa for a specialized cardiac procedure, as Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has received approval to offer minimally invasive mitral valve clip repair.

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When Dr. Jeannie Callum, hematologist and transfusionist, joined Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) last year, she was pleased to learn that her new colleagues working in anesthesia, cardiac surgery and the blood bank were looking to find a way to better guide therapy for patients with abnormal bleeding following heart...Read more

Simulation in health care is commonplace for learning or practicing skills but the value of simulation jumps to a whole new level when it brings clinical teams together to collaborate on creating standards of practice that will improve the quality of patient care.

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Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has become the first in North America to offer a unique surgical procedure to treat patients with a complex aortic disease known as an aortic dissection, a life-threatening condition in which the largest artery in the body splits or breaks.

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Patients with aortic valve disease have a new option for treatment at Kingston Health Sciences Centre. The treatment approach, first used at Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site in 2016, involves a keyhole surgery to replace a diseased valve with a new prosthetic one that needs...Read more

As tick season gets underway, a research team at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is developing a simple tool to help doctors more quickly identify and treat Lyme carditis, a heart problem that has recently been linked to Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites.

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Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) recently hosted a group of physicians from South America who came to learn about the technology and methods we have in place for our complex cardiac cases. This international training session was the first of its kind for the cardiac program and won’t be the...Read more

While volunteer Don Cooper wasn't sure if he’d be wearing red on Feb. 14, he knows that he’ll be at his usual hospital post on Valentine’s Day, ready—as always—to try and make life a little easier for people whose hearts need some extra special care.

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