Second-year orthopedic resident Dr Andrew McGuire feels confident in his ability to care for patients, after completing the first phase of his training that, under the new competency-based medical education (CBME) model adopted last year, is designed to prepare residents for the responsibility of being on call and delivering more direct...Read more

Saving lives is the specialty of trauma experts at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and now they’re taking the basics of one of their most critical skills—stopping uncontrollable bleeding—directly to the public. The goal is to train people to act quickly in emergencies such as a mass shooting or explosive event.

“Uncontrolled bleeding...Read more

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) recently hosted a group of physicians from South America who came to learn about the technology and methods we have in place for our complex cardiac cases. This international training session was the first of its kind for the cardiac program and won’t be the...Read more

As an organization KHSC prides ourselves in having a culture of ongoing learning, and this year marks a milestone for our People Services department.  

Many staff members at our two hospital sites express a desire to learn and teach each other through professional development. Since 1999, PSOE has funded $500,000 in education...Read more

In this year of milestones, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has added one more with the launch of a new residency program in adult clinical psychology, an opportunity to train the next generation of professional psychologists while boosting patient access to care.

Clinical psychologists currently work in KHSC patient care...Read more

In just over a month, Kingston Health Sciences Centre will be welcoming about 130 new medical residents. Once they arrive, they will be spending the next several years with us, completing their training to become full physicians while helping care for patients and families at both our Hotel...Read more

As a teaching institution, there’s a lot of learning going on at Kingston General Hospital. However, for many years it has been difficult to find out about those opportunities unless you were specifically invited. But thanks to KGH’s new Interprofessional Education Calendar, launched last week, those sessions are open and...Read more

It's almost showtime for our 2nd annual Kingston General Hospital Community Showcase. It runs this year from Monday, Jan. 20 to Friday, Jan. 24.

The Showcase will feature an event or two each day, all aimed at promoting interprofessional education and staff appreciation. At the centre of it all is...Read more

Members of our Board of Directors got a special behind-the-scenes look at Kingston General Hospital in action last week. As part of a two-day orientation and education session, the board members met with staff, went on tours and took in presentations focused on some of the important initiatives underway inside...Read more

Trauma Services at Kingston General Hospital will soon be hosting a high school field trip like no other. The P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) program brings teenagers right into the hospital so they can see for themselves the possible results of risky behaviour....Read more