Patients with aortic valve disease have a new option for treatment at Kingston Health Sciences Centre. The treatment approach, first used at Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site in 2016, involves a keyhole surgery to replace a diseased valve with a new prosthetic one that needs...Read more

As tick season gets underway, a research team at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is developing a simple tool to help doctors more quickly identify and treat Lyme carditis, a heart problem that has recently been linked to Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites.

Lyme carditis is...Read more

Every day researchers at KGH are busy working to create breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions aimed at improving the health of millions of people world-wide.  This week, we are inviting the Kingston community to learn more about this work by following along on a unique virtual tour that takes place...Read more

Each day millions of Canadians live with pain caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A new study co-led by researchers at Kingston General Hospital and McMaster University will investigate the relationship between a patient’s diet and the bacteria in their stomach to see if there is...Read more

KINGSTON, ON -- Groundbreaking research by KGHRI clinician scientist Dr. Stephen Archer was celebrated today with the opening of the William J. Henderson Laboratory, home of the Archer Laboratory Program on Cardiovascular Sciences and Mitochondrial Biology.

The laboratory, located in Botterell Hall, Queen’s University, was established thanks to a $500,000...Read more

Just as 3-D technologies are revolutionizing the worlds of entertainment and printing, the power of 3-D imaging is transforming health care. For Dr. Amer Johri, a clinician scientist at Kingston General Hospital and assistant professor of echocardiography at Queen’s University, the rapid growth of 3-D ultrasound imaging...Read more

As one of Ontario’s research hospitals, Kingston General Hospital is part of a new campaign that’s aiming to draw attention to the incredible value generated by health research across our province. The campaign is called Healthier, Wealthier and Smarter and it’s been put together by the ...Read more

A new mobile phone app has been launched in Kingston with a goal of saving the lives of people who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. Kingston is the first community in Canada to introduce PulsePoint – a free app that is already saving lives in more...Read more

Kingston General Hospital and Queen’s University researchers are part of a groundbreaking international study that has shown that starting – or continuing – to take Aspirin before non-cardiac surgery as a way to protect the heart after surgery is ineffective and, in some cases,...Read more

Patients in an Intensive Care Unit are always in need of complex and urgent medical care. But they also need something that's often overlooked in hospitals, and that's enough nutrition to help them recover. Here at Kingston General Hospital, we've made delivering these crucial nutrients a priority and it turns...Read more