Hospital-stay Services for Children and Youth

Partners in your care

By partnering with patients and their family, we will work as a team to make sure you have the best possible experience in the hospital. We believe that you are important members of our team and we want to make sure your voice is heard. That is why we include you in every decision about your care.

What to expect when admitted to the hospital

The Child and Adolescent Inpatient Program is an 8 bed unit for patients under the age of 18. The first weekday after the person is admitted to the unit, there will be a meeting with the patient, their family, and the hospital team. Patients and their family members are included in any plans the hospital team makes for treatment. The patient and family are able to invite other care providers or school supports to attend these meetings if they would like to.

During the week, there are treatment programs during the day such as individual and group therapy and time for school work. There is a discharge meeting close to the end of the stay to provide information to family and ensure that the patient and family have supports in place to be successful after discharge.  

The safety of children on the unit is a high priority. For this reason, the Child & Adolescent Unit is locked and security will open the door to let people in or out. This is for the safety of patients so that no one can enter or leave the unit without permission. There are many reasons why patients may be admitted to this unit so there are different safety rules to ensure that everyone is safe.

All of the rooms are for one patient and contain a bed, chair, built in desk and open cupboards.  There are windows in all the rooms with unbreakable glass.  Washroom, lounge areas, dining area, and group rooms are shared. 

There are cameras and microphones in some parts of the unit to ensure safety of everyone.

Guidelines while staying in the hospital

Everyone on the unit (patients, visitors, and staff) will dress and speak respectfully. Swearing is not permitted. Physical contact is not allowed between patients and/or visitors who are not family members. 

There are computers on the unit for school work and therapy activities, but these are not allowed to be used to access social media and patients are not allowed to use Facebook or other websites during their stay.

What children can bring to the hospital

Items that can be brought to the unit include: pajamas and at least one change of clothing, slippers, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, and schoolwork. There are also some items that can be brought, if patients would like such as: a special pillow, blanket, headphones, and quiet activity items such as books. 

What should be left at home

There are items that are not allowed on the unit. When a patient or visitor arrives, their belongings will be checked. Staff will help to determine which items are not allowed. These include: cameras, cell phones, or devices that connect to the Internet, outside food and drinks, sharp items including glass containers, things that may catch fire, aerosol sprays, scented products, or plastic bags.  Money and jewelry should also be left at home. Illegal items such as tobacco or marijuana are not allowed on the unit.

Checking belongings

For safety reasons, a staff member will search belongings when they are brought on to the unit. Any items that can be a threat or danger to patients and/or staff will be stored in a secure location.

Visiting a child in the hospital

It is important that children on the unit have the opportunity to fully benefit from the services offered during their stay. For this reason, Visiting hours are slightly different from other areas of the hospital.

Patients are allowed to make and receive phone calls between 8-9 am, 12-1 pm and 4-9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 9 pm on weekends.  Patients can make 2 calls per day but can receive unlimited calls from others. Calls are limited to 10 minutes each so that everyone has equal time to talk to their family.  Staff may ask a patient to end their phone call if they are not having a respectful conversation or they are upset by the conversation.

Family members (parents and siblings) can visit from 4-8 pm on weekdays and 1 pm to 8 pm on weekends. It is important to us to maintain the privacy of all patients so only family members can visit this unit. Patients may be given time off the unit with family members.

Additional information and more details will be provided to families who have a child admitted to the unit.

Contact Information

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