Obstetrical, Gynecological, and Well Newborn Care

We care for the smallest patients in our community.
We care for the smallest patients in our community.

Obstetrical, Gynecological, and Well Newborn Care

As the largest Obstetrics program in Southeastern Ontario, we provide care to women and babies from all across our region.  Our highly trained teams are able to support both low-risk deliveries as well as high-risk ones. This means, whatever your needs are, we have the staff, expertise and facilities to meet them. At Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Obstetrics care is delivered at our Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site.

Most often, you'll be in touch with our teams when it comes time to deliver your baby. Hundreds of babies are born at KGH each year, and each birth is special. That's why we'll work closely with you and your primary caregiver to support you in meeting your wishes. To help us do that, we suggest you write down your wishes, so that you can share them with us when you arrive on the day of your baby's birth. If you would like more information as you prepare to have your baby at KGH, please click here

Aside from labour and delivery we provide a range of other care services, including education, ranging from prenatal to postpartum and newborn care. We do this to ensure that you are supported through your journey towards the birth of your new baby. The Obstetrics program also offers a number of outpatient clinics to support you through your health-care journey. For more information on our outpatient clinics, including our infertility clinic and fetal assessment unit, click here

COVID-19 and Pregnancy 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading globally will become more common in the weeks and months ahead. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat), call your health care provider or the labour and delivery unit at KGH site (613-549-6666 extension 2315) before  arriving for your delivery or clinic appointment so that isolation plans can be put in place.

Most pregnant women who are not infected by COVID-19 are still having normal deliveries, however, the experience of coming to the hospital to deliver or for your appointments has changed for the protection of our patients and our staff.  

Whether you are infected with COVID-19 or not, our nurses, midwives and physicians will do everything possible to care for you and achieve a normal delivery.

There is limited data on the potential impact of the virus on pregnancy or newborns. To keep up to date on the latest information, we suggest checking KHSC’s COVID-19 webpage,  Public Health and The MotHERS Program regularly.

Information for expecting mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Information for expecting mothers who are COVID-19 positive

Information Resources

The Government of Ontario has a variety of resources available for you, click here to visit its website. We also partner closely with KFL&A Public Health to provide additional resources to support a healthy pregnancy, click here for more information. As well, this page contains links to additional resources.

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