cervical ripening

the process that gets your cervix ready for labour. It makes your cervix soft and thin. Cervical ripening either happens naturally or can be done artificially using medications.


a medication used to ripen or soften the cervix before labour is induced.

cesarean section (C-section)

baby born through surgery, cut in your abdomen to get your baby out

A surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through a cut in the abdomen and uterus. Used when a woman can't give birth vaginally


The thin, sticky, yellow fluid secreted by a woman's breasts before the production of true breast milk. Colostrum is rich in fats, protein, and antibodies. Some women notice small amounts of colostrum during and toward the end of pregnancy.


tightening, flexing, tensing

The strong, rhythmic tightening of your uterus during labour. Regular strong and painful contractions dilate the cervix and push the baby through the birth canal.