Types of birthing at KGH site

While there are a number of different types of childbirth at the KGH site, they all have one goal in common, to deliver a healthy baby. As with any choice, it is important that you fully understand your options, benefits, and risks involved in each of these birthing types before selecting one. If you have any questions, please speak with your primary care provider. 

Vaginal Births

Most women have their baby through a traditional vaginal birth. During a vaginal birth your uterus will contract, tighten and relax, to help push the baby out. In some circumstances your doctor may need to use special equipment or techniques to help the baby out. You should discuss these techniques with your primary caregiver during your prenatal visits so that you are comfortable ahead of time in case they are required.

Water Births and Water ImMERsion

Waterbirths are performed at the KGH site under the supervision of a Registered Midwife. If you are working with a midwife, you will have the option to have a waterbirth at home or here in the hospital. In the hospital a waterbirth can be done in one of two special delivery rooms that are equipped with a permanent tub. If you are considering a waterbirth at our KGH site, you should contact your midwife who will review eligibility criteria and other considerations.

Water immersion is available to all patients (who meet the eligibility criteria) regardless of your care provider. Please speak with your care provider to see if you are a candidate for labour and/or birth in the tub. 

The tubs are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and can not be reserved in advance. Please note there is a $10 fee for disposable items (drain plug and debris net) for use in the tub. Patients can pay at the care station on Connell 5, please bring exact change or credit card. For more information on Water Birth and Water Immersion, please read our brochure

Caesarean Births

At the KGH site, about one out of every five births are done by Caesarean Section (C-section) and we encourage your partner or support person to be with you during your C-section. A C-section may be done in one of two ways:

Planned C-section: You will receive a call from the hospital the day before your procedure to inform you what time to come to the hospital. You should come to the Labour and Delivery unit on Connell 5 on the day of your operation.

Unplanned C-section: This may be done when your labour is not going as planned or there is a concern for your baby’s health. An epidural or spinal anaesthesia is used for this operation, however in some cases a general anaesthetic may be required.  

Please note - if you require a caesarean, you will be asked to fast before this procedure. This means:

  • You can not eat solid food after mid-night,
  • You may drink clear fluids up to 5 a.m. the day of your procedure. Examples of clear fluids include water, fruit juices (without pulp), carbonated beverages, clear tea and black coffee. Please do not drink any milk or dairy products after midnight (including in your tea or coffee), and do not chew gum or eat candies before your procedure. 

If you do not meet these fasting requirements your procedure may be delayed.

For more information on caesarean births, please read our brochure.