Labour and delivery team

Members of the multi-disciplinary care team.
Members of the multi-disciplinary care team.

KGH supports a family centred care approach to pregnancy, labour and delivery. We are committed to providing a positive experience for you throughout your pregnancy and during the birth of your child. We recognize that you may have chosen your primary caregiver (midwife, obstetrician or family doctor) for personal reasons, and we hope this relationship meets your expectations. 

Our Labour and Delivery floor is always staffed by competent professionals. This includes a fully trained obstetrician, on obstetric resident, a senior medical student and nursing staff who have trained in labour and delivery. These individuals will work together as a team to provide you with care while you are on the unit. In addition to the obstetrical team, there is an anaesthetic team and a newborn care team available to assist you and your baby if required. Please be assured that the team on duty at the time of your labour, delivery and postpartum recovery is committed to the best possible care for you and your baby. Obstetricians at KGH take turns being on-call so there is always a senior staff member available for you. When your baby is born, or if you have a problem, the on-call  doctor will help if they are required. 

KGH is a teaching hospital affiliated with Queen’s University which means we teach the next generation of health care professionals. These students participate in patient care and are always supervised. An obstetrician is always in the hospital to support our students. You may receive care from a resident or medical student who is working with your doctor. The resident is a doctor who is receiving extra education in obstetrics. You may also receive care from student midwives or nurses. If you have any questions or concerns about students, please talk to your caregiver.

Midwives and Family Doctors


Midwives provide continuous, personalized and evidence-based care to women planning a home or a hospital birth. Midwifery care means you are choosing a distinct style of maternity care, focused on childbirth as a normal healthy process, continuity of care and informed choice. Midwives work as independent primary care providers and their services are covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health so there is no cost to you. Midwives manage low-risk, normal pregnancies. If you develop complications during your pregnancy or at any time during your delivery, your care may be transferred to an obstetrician. For more information on midwifery in Kingston, click here.

Family Physicians

There are many family physicians within the community who provide obstetrical care. Many work collaboratively with the Obstetrical team at KGH to ensure a safe delivery of your newborn. You should remember that not all family physicians deliver babies. If your family doctor doesn't, they will transfer you to another who does, or to an obstetrician sometime after your twenty-eighth week of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is deemed high risk (perhaps from a medical condition), or you have complications early in your pregnancy, your family physician will refer you to a high-risk obstetrician who will provide you with care. If you have any concerns during your pregnancy, you should first call your doctor, if they are not available an answering service can help you contact an on-call family physician. For a list of family physicians in Kingston, click here.