What happens when I arrive to have my baby?

After you arrive and have registered, we will meet with you and assess your condition and that of your baby.
After you arrive and have registered, we will meet with you and assess your condition and that of your baby.

Labour and Delivery is located on the fifth floor of the hospital's Connell wing. You will first be greeted at the nursing station by our unit clerk, who will take your health card and register your admission to the hospital. Someone from the admitting department will meet with you to explain the different types of hospital rooms available to you while you are here. At this same time you will be asked to sign a few forms and provide us with information on any extra insurance coverage you may have. Please be aware that some services or amenities may not be covered by your insurance or OHIP. For more information on these services please visit our billing expenses page

You will then be taken to your room where you will be assessed by a member of the care team. At the same time a nurse will ask you a few questions and your answers will help us build the type of care team you require. At this time you may also be asked to provide a urine sample and some blood may be taken for testing. We'll also assess your baby’s heartbeat with a fetal monitor.

If it is determined that you are still in the early stages of labour, you may be asked to go home and wait to return to the hospital when your labour has progressed further. Your health-care team could also decide to admit you as an inpatient in our mother and baby unit, where you can wait until the active stage of your labour begins. The team will discuss these options with you as part of their decision making process.

Soon after you arrive, your care team will discuss your wishes with you so that we fully understand your birth plan. We'll use this information so that we can provide you with a supportive labour and delivery experience. Our teams respect your personal needs and choices.  

After the delivery of your baby, you will remain on the labour and delivery unit until you are stable. Afterwards, you will be given a room in our post-partum unit.