Prenatal Genetics

Our Prenatal Genetics Program offers you and your partner comprehensive genetic counselling and support. We also offer services to individuals or couples who are contemplating pregnancy in the future. 

Our services include genetic testing and prenatal screening as well as the diagnosis of genetic conditions. We are happy to discuss with you the medical, social, ethical and psychological benefits and limitations of our tests. We specialize in providing information and support to individuals or couples regarding:

  • Prenatal screen results.
  • Services for women 35 years or older at the time of their delivery.
  • Screening for women who's ultrasounds have shown a build up of fluid on their baby's neck, this is also known as nuchal translucency.
  • Individuals affected by or with a family history of: 
    • single gene disorders.
    • multifactorial conditions.
    • chromosomal abnormalities.
    • birth defects.
  • Ethnic based carrier screening.
  • Pregnancies with ultrasound abnormalities.
  • Pregnancies with known chromosome abnormality.
  • Prenatal teratogen exposure.
  • Parental consanguinity.
  • Women who have had recurrent spontaneous miscarriages (3 or more)  

Please feel free to contact the Medical Genetics Unit at 613-548-2467 or toll free at 1-800-567-5722 extension 7950. If you are a doctor or midwife, you can refer a patient to Medical Genetics using the Prenatal Referral Form.
For more information on prenatal genetics, the following websites and brochures may be helpful.