Types of care available

Aside from our Labour and Delivery unit (which you can read more about under 'Having your baby at KGH') there are several other types of care available through KGH that you may be interested in reading about. They are:

Prenatal care

Your journey towards your labour and delivery experience begins well before you ever arrive at the hospital. There are many considerations to be made during this time and we encourage you to write them down so that you can share them with us when you arrive on the day of your baby's birth. This page contains more information on other resources available in our community and a list of some organizations that offer prenatal classes for parents to be. For more information, click here

Fetal Assessment Unit

The Fetal Assessment Unit is the area in the hospital where your prenatal ultrasounds will take place. An ultrasound will allow us see how your baby is growing and developing as well as confirm an estimated due date. Your primary caregiver will work with you and let you know when your ultrasound should be scheduled. For more information, click here

Postpartum care

Once your labour and delivery is complete, you and your baby will be moved to a room in our Postpartum Unit on Kidd 5, where you will stay until it is time to leave the hospital. While you recover, you and your baby will be cared for by the same nurses and your baby will remain in your room with you at all times. For more information on your postpartum experience at KGH, click here

Newborn care

While you are in the hospital, recovering after the birth of your baby, we'll offer you education to help you learn how to care for your new child. This includes information on how to bathe your baby, what to do if they develop jaundice, how to take care of the remainder of their umbilical cord as well as information on how to change their diaper and clip their fingernails. For more information on newborn care, click here

Well Newborn and Parent Clinic

A collaboration between Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Community Midwives of Kingston, the Well Newborn and Parent Clinic provides time-sensitive follow-up services for newborns and parents after discharge from hospital.  Clinic services primarily include testing for jaundice, weight checks, breastfeeding support, screening for treatable diseases that usually show no symptoms in the newborn period and overall wellness check-ups. Parents can also be supported with postpartum recovery and support for infant feeding.

The clinic sees newborns who do not already have access to midwifery care, do not have a family physician or cannot obtain urgent access for time sensitive follow-up care.  It is operated by a Registered Midwife seven days a week.  The clinic is located on Armstrong 5 at our Kingston General Hospital site; appointments are booked on patient discharge from the hospital.

For more information, please email wellbornclinic@kingstonhsc.ca.


We are committed to the acceptance of diversity; this includes surrogacy as a form of family planning. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for both the surrogate and intended parent(s). For more information on surrogacy at KHSC, click here.

Breastfeeding support

It is always best to breastfeed your new baby, if possible, because it not only provides nutrition, but also helps to protect against illness. However, that doesn't mean that breastfeeding is always easy. Our teams are able to support you and teach you about lactation as well as your baby's 'latch.' We'll also support you if you choose to formula feed your baby, we'll show you how to choose a formula and how to prepare it. For more information on breastfeeding, click here