Prenatal care

Learning about pregnancy, labour, delivery and childbirth begins before your hospital stay. You can help prepare yourself for childbirth and parenting by attending prenatal classes. Many groups in Kingston offer prenatal classes, including:

Prenatal appointments

It is important that you are seen regularly by your doctor or midwife as your pregnancy progresses, so that they can track the development of your baby. KGH operates a obstetrical clinic that offers prenatal check-ups for both high-risk and low-risk pregnancies. For more information on the clinic, click here

It is also important to have an ultrasound done, fairly early in your pregnancy. This ultrasound will be done in the Fetal Assessment Unit. For more information, click here

Create a birth plan

To prepare for your upcoming childbirth, sometimes it is helpful to write down what your expectations are for your care. We encourage you to discuss these issues with your care giver during your prenatal visits.  It is also a good idea to write your preferences down so that you can clearly communicate them with the health-care team when you arrive at the hospital. Some issues may be: