COVID-19 Information and Updates



Visitors limited at KHSC (HDH and KGH sites)
It is crucial that we keep our patients, staff and hospital environment safe.  We are temporarily limiting visitors to our hospital sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For more details, click here.

Current COVID-19 statistics

COVID-19 statistics for Kingston Health Sciences Centre are updated weekdays at 10 a.m. 

COVID-19 vaccination

We are aware that Ontario will begin offering third doses of COVID-19 vaccines, at least eight weeks after second doses, to select vulnerable populations, including transplant recipients, those being actively treated for hematological cancers, and people who take specific medications called anti-CD20 agents. We are working with our Public Health partners to determine the best way for these patients to receive their third doses. Those affected will be contacted directly.

Information about COVID-19 vaccine clinics in the KFL&A Public Health region is available on the KFL&A website.

COVID-19 testing & assessment at Community Assessment Centre

In response to new guidelines for COVID-19 testing announced by the Provincial Government, we are now booking testing appointments for those that meet specific new eligibility criteria.  A full list of individuals who can access PCR testing can be found HERE, along with information about who to contact if you have questions about your eligibility or about booking a testing appointment if you know you are eligible.

NEW!!!  We are also now booking appointments for clinical assessment by a nurse, paramedic and/or doctor for individuals who are experiencing worsening COVID-19 symptoms but who may not qualify for a PCR test. Learn more HERE.

To pre-screen online for an outpatient appointment, click here.

NOTE:  This mobile screening must be completed a maximum of 4 hours before your appointment.  With the exception of caregivers for children, this mobile screening tool is for patients only; family members or caregivers cannot use it to pre-screen. Available in English and French, the tool only takes a few minutes to complete.  You will receive an email with confirmation. Please bring it (printed or on a mobile device) and your appointment slip to the hospital.  Present the form to screening staff for validation and then proceed directly to your appointment.

Visitor and family presence restrictions

Please check this page for the most current information about family presence for both inpatients and outpatients. Remember that we offer enhanced electronic options for Staying Connected with loved ones during this time. We thank our patients and their families for your help in keeping our hospital and community safe from COVID-19. 

We require all individuals visiting inpatients to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  At entry, registered family visitors will be asked to show proof of full vaccination plus photo ID. Exemptions to this policy will be rare but may be made in situations such as life-threatening emergencies where family presence without delay is absolutely vital for the patient, family partner and care team. Requests for exemption will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In exceptional/emergency circumstances ONLY, unvaccinated registered visitors will have access to rapid antigen testing in order to enter the hospital.

For outpatients, proof of COVID-19 vaccination for a registered caregiver is not required at this time in cases where an exception has been granted for the outpatient to be accompanied by a caregiver. Outpatients are still encouraged to attend their hospital visit alone.

Accessing our hospital sites

Patients and essential support persons must use the main entrances at the HDH site and KGH sites.
Affiliates (includes volunteers, researchers, learners, contractors, service providers, vendors):  click here for important information.

Screening at KHSC 

Be prepared to answer questions about travel history and symptoms when you come to our hospitals. 

Required use of masks and face coverings

Patients and essential visitors coming for an outpatient clinic/procedure appointment or visit must wear a mask or face covering. We ask that you to bring your own masks/face covering whenever possible. Otherwise, we will provide you with a mask at the screening station.

Emergency care during COVID-19 pandemic

Emergency and urgent health concerns that are not related to COVID-19 still need to be addressed during the pandemic. It is important that people seek care for problems that could become quite serious or life-threatening if left unattended.  Patients can be reassured that our Urgent Care Centre at the HDH site and Emergency Department at the KGH site are safe places to seek care.

Surgical appointments

Information about self-isolation and screening/testing before your surgery.

Outpatient appointments

Information about what you can expect when you attend a scheduled clinic appointment.

NOTE:  We are currently reducing outpatient clinic appointments due to the demands of the third wave of the pandemic.  This temporary measure will help us to ensure critical care capacity and to protect our patients, staff and hospital. If your outpatient procedure or visit is postponed, you will be notified by your health-care provider's office.  If you do not receive a telephone call, then please attend your appointment as scheduled.  Thank you for your support and understanding.

KHSC Union Street Site

The KHSC Union Street Site is an alternate health facility designed to be quickly activated in the event of hospital capacity challenges at our Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital sites due to a surge in COVID-19 patients. The 70-bed site would provide care for non-COVID, medically stable patients who still require clinical support before discharge. The site is not currently in use.

Ontario's COVID-19 Vaccination Program

In addition to the link above, you may also visit Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health's webpage about COVID-19 vaccines.             

How can you help?

Donate PPE, supplies, or make a financial donation to support the hospitals.

Learn from our experts

Informative and myth-busting videos from our infectious disease experts about COVID-19.


Your frequently asked questions.

Clinical department and program information

Department-specific information about COVID-19 at KHSC.

Ontario Virtual Care Clinic: Connecting to an on-call doctor by video or audio during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patients in Ontario who do not have a primary care physician or are unable to see their own physician are now able to “see” a family physician virtually by visiting (using the access code “health”) for non-COVID-19 related health issues such as colds, cough, flu, allergies, women’s health issues, urinary tract infections, rash and medication questions. Patients should first reach out to their own primary care provider if they have one as the virtual service is not intended to replace regular care.  The free Ontario Virtual Care Clinic is available daily 8 a.m. to midnight. If you have an urgent concern or emergency, call 911. French language services are available 4 to 8 p.m. 7 days a week.