KHSC Union Street Site

The KHSC Union Street Site, located at 340 Union Street in Kingston, is an alternate health facility designed to be quickly activated in the event of hospital capacity challenges at our Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital sites due to a surge in COVID-19 patients. The site is not currently in use.

If activated, the 70-bed facility would provide care for non-COVID, medically stable patients who still require clinical support before discharge. Patients would receive the same safe, high quality care provided at our other hospital sites. The temporary facility is stocked and ready to go with supplies, equipment and technology, including access to basic lab testing and diagnostic imaging.  Medical and support teams are prepared to be rapidly mobilized when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would provide patient care at the Union Street Site?
The facility is staffed by KHSC physicians and nurses, along with trained staff who support services such as diagnostic imaging, laboratory and pharmacy.

Would there be any COVID-19 patients in this facility?
The unit is designed to care for medically stable patients who still require clinical support before discharge.  There will be no COVID-19 patients on the unit.

Would I have to share a room with other patients?
The unit has 70 individual patient bays or rooms. Patients share common areas such as shower rooms and public washrooms which are cleaned between each patient use.

Would my family still be able to visit me?
The visitor restrictions currently in place at our hospital sites to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection also apply to the Union Street Site.  If you have identified one essential family member as your partner in care, then that person can continue to visit you if our current family presence policy permits.

How would my move to the site occur? 
Once you have been identified as an appropriate patient for the Union Street Site, you and your care team would work closely together with the aim of moving you as smoothly and quickly as possible.  If our current family presence policy permits, your designated caregiver can help with collecting and packing your belongings. If you are unable to arrange assistance, please connect with your care team for support.

How would I get to the Union Street Site?
The Union Street Site is a very short drive from our main hospital sites. You will be comfortably moved directly to your new bed by a transport provider and trained staff. There is no cost to the patient.

Is there parking available on the site?
Parking at the site is administered by the Parking Office at Queen's University and is payable via the HONK mobile app or a pay-and-display machine.  For rates, directions and contact information, please consult this map.