KHSC Union Street Site

On June 30, 2022 KHSC decommissioned its pandemic alternate health facility (“field hospital”) due to the downward trend in COVID-19-related hospitalizations and as the Province ended funding for certain large-scale pandemic management activities. 

KHSC created the 70-bed alternate health facility at 340 Union Street at the request of the Ministry of Health. It was designed to be activated quickly in the event of surging patient volumes due to COVID-19, ensuring critical care capacity at KHSC’s main hospital sites. The facility was readied to provide care for non-COVID, medically stable patients.   

The decommissioning process included repatriating medical equipment to KHSC’s two hospital sites to support equipment needs and/or to replace older equipment. The alternate health facility shared the Union Street site, leased from Queen’s University, with Providence Care’s Providence Transitional Care Centre and the space has reverted to management by Providence Care.  

We are grateful to Providence Care and Queen’s University for their partnership, an example of our community’s ability to work together to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.