Getting around the KGH site

A sample view of the KGH site wayfinding signage.
The wayfinding system at the KGH site uses names, colours and symbols to help you find your way around the hospital.

It's one of the first things people notice when they step inside the KGH site for the first time -- this can be a difficult place to find your way around. You can chalk it up to the 14 interconnected buildings of different ages, shapes and heights, that we call home. 

One of the main things we've put in place to help make our buildings easier to navigate is our wayfinding system. This system includes signage all around our buildings to help you get to your location. Another part of this system, is that each wing of our hospital is identified by a name, colour and symbol. All of the thresholds between the wings in the hospital are painted to let you know that you are leaving one and entering another. We did this because want to make sure you and your family have a number of ways to identify your location. If you can’t remember the name of the wing you are in, you may remember the colour or symbol. Having three options may help you better find your way. The wings can be identified using the following guide:

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