Levels of care

As an acute care hospital, Kingston General Hospital offers a number of different services and programs for the residents of our region. This includes a number of different levels of care for our youngest patients, children and infants. 

Children who are seen in the Emergency Department may have an illness severe enough that they are admitted to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. In these cases, a Pediatrician would evaluate the child and decide if admission to hospital is appropriate. Children who are admitted will stay in the newly renovated pediatric floor located on Kidd 10.  As a parent you are welcome and encouraged to stay with your child. More information on our family presence policy can be found here

Your child will be cared for by the pediatric team which consists of a pediatrician, pediatric nurses and medical students. Daily rounds by the pediatric team occur between 8 to 11 a.m., and parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions about their child’s care. In case of any emergency after hours, there is always a pediatrician on call and available.

Pediatric Critical Care Unit

The Pediatric Critical Care Unit, (PCCU) located on Kidd 10, provides care for critically ill infants, children and teens. Critical illness may be defined as impending or existing failure of the respiratory, circulatory, or nervous systems. Children in these states need intensive monitoring and treatment including respiratory support, fluid resuscitation and advanced neurological support.

Sometimes more complex patients are either sent to the adult Intensive Care Unit or in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit that is attached to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on Kidd 5. Affiliated with the Queen's Pediatric Critical Care Department, this six bed unit, treats patients from birth up to their 18th birthday. The majority of our patients come from Kingston and surrounding areas, but we do treat children from as far away as Moose Factory and other distant Ontario communities. We are one of the five tertiary care members of the Ontario Pediatric Critical Care Network.