Moving closer to home

Although we do everything we can to make the the hospital feel like home to you and your family, we realize you are all hoping to get to your real home as soon as possible. 

Many babies will spend some time in our NICU and then be transferred to another Level II hospital.  Transfer can be a stressful time for families, but it can also be seen as an important step on the road to home. Level II hospitals care for babies who do not need full neonatal intensive care but still need support as they grow. We can provide you some information about Level II hospitals close to your home and your nurse or other care team members can speak to you about transfers as well.

When and why are babies transferred to other hospitals?

  • To be closer to the family home.
  • A baby is stable, more mature and no longer requires the special level of care that KGH provides.
  • A baby is no longer on a ventilator but may still have an IV, low flow oxygen, tube feeds and be on medications.  Some babies still on CPAP (breathing machine) may be eligible for transfer to other hospitals with a NICU.
  • A baby has no medical issues requiring specific follow up at this hospital.
  • A bed is available at a receiving hospital.
  • A bed is required at Kingston General Hospital for a baby who needs more intensive care.