Where to go when I arrive-NICU

The NICU is located on Kidd 5, near the Labour and Delivery Unit on Connell 5.

Your baby’s admission to the NICU may come directly from the Labour and Delivery Unit or following a transfer from another hospital. If your baby is born at KGH and needs NICU care, your partner or a family member is welcome to accompany your baby from Labour and Delivery to the NICU while you recover. If you are a patient with a high risk pregnancy and it is anticipated that your baby will be sent to the NICU once they are born, a tour of the unit is encouraged. Just ask your nurse or physician and they will contact the NICU to arrange a private tour.

The NICU is a secured unit and all parents and visitors must use the phone before entering the unit.  Just pick up the phone that is mounted on the wall outside the main entrance to the NICU and it will ring into the unit.  Entrance and exit of the NICU is through the unit's main door only.