General Surgery Referrals

<p><strong>eReferrals</strong> are accepted via Ocean eReferral for enabled practitioners. If you are an enabled practitioner using an integrated EMR, refer through your EMR&rsquo;s Ocean toolbar which will take you into the <a href="">Ocean Healthmap</a> where you will be signed in.</p>

<p>If not yet Ocean-enabled, please fax the referral to 1-855-251-6059 using the referral template provided below:</p>

<p><a href="/file/6463">KHSC General Surgery Referral Form</a></p>

<p>For Telus PS Suite EMR users, please contact&nbsp;<a href="">Madelaine Meehan</a>&nbsp;for the referral form in .CFM file format</p>

<p>Referrals that are sent to General Surgery will be directed as needed to the appropriate specialist.</p>

<p>Referrals to the Kingston Bariatric Centre of Excellence should be sent directly to the Ontario Bariatric Network (OBN) - <a href="/node/4833">click here</a>.</p>

<li>Individuals must be referred by their family doctor or a Nurse Practitioner (NP) through the&nbsp;<a href=" Bariatric Network</a> (OBN) Registry. To refer a patient through the OBN, family doctors and NPs are asked to complete an&nbsp;<a href=" referral form here</a>. <strong>NOTE</strong>: Health care providers cannot refer directly to the&nbsp;Kingston Bariatric Centre of Excellence and patients cannot refer themselves.</li>

<h4>General Surgery Urgent Contact Information</h4>

<p>Call KHSC Switchboard at 613-549-6666, press 8 and ask for the on-call General Surgeon.</p>

<h4>General Surgery Office Contact</h4>

<p>Division of General Surgery<br />
Kingston General Hospital, Burr 2<br />
76 Stuart Street<br />
Kingston, ON<br />
K7L 2V7<br />
Referral-only fax line: 1-855-251-6059<br />
E-mail for referral inquiries only: <a href=""></a><br />
Other fax line (for non-referral related communications): 613-548-2500</p>

<h4>General Surgery eConsult</h4>

<p>For primary care providers wanting to access eConsult, please visit:&nbsp;</p>

<p>For primary care providers who have already signed up for eConsult, please visit:&nbsp;</p>

<p>For more information and eConsult resources, please visit:&nbsp;eConsult Centre of Excellence.</p>