Required use of masks

Universal masking is mandatory at KHSC.  All people entering into or working at the hospital must wear a hospital-issued mask even if they do not have any signs of an infection. 

  • Admitted patients must wear a mask during care if they are on contact/droplet or contact/aerosol precautions AND when they are outside their room. Their registered Visitors must wear a hospital-issued mask at all times, including at the bedside.
  • Outpatients and those who accompany them ("Caregivers") must wear a hospital-issued mask that will be provided at the screening station. 
  • All staff, physicians, staff and learners must wear a hospital-issued mask at all times.

NOTE:  As of June 11, the province will lift masking requirements in higher-risk indoor settings including hospitals. KHSC will maintain its mandatory masking policy at this time. Masking is a critical safety measure in our high-risk environment where we care for vulnerable and frail patients.  We continue to be guided by our infection control experts about the safe and appropriate time to revise our COVID-19 safety practices, including masking.

Why I am being asked to wear a mask?

COVID-19 may be spread by people who do not have any symptoms. Asking healthy people to wear a mask can help to prevent this asymptomatic spread to other patients, visitors and our health care providers.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?

KHSC requires all patients and visitors to wear a mask. If there is a reason why you are not able to wear one, such as a health condition that may make it hard for you to breathe, tell the entrance screening staff. They will discuss your situation and your options with you.

Will I get a mask when I arrive?

Our entrance screening staff will ask you to wash your hands and will provide you with a mask at the screening station. There will be information and posters showing you how to put on your mask. You will be required to wash your hands again after putting on your mask.

Can I take my mask off once my appointment is over?

Please leave your mask on the entire time you are inside the building. Only remove it at the exit. If you need to take it off to eat or drink, or as part of your appointment, first wash your hands and then remove your mask carefully, without touching your face.

How do I safely remove my mask?

It is important that you remove your mask carefully to reduce your risk of infection.  First: wash your hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer. Grab your mask by the ear loops and pull it away from your face. Do not touch your face or the outside of the mask. Place the mask in a garbage bin.  After you remove your mask, wash your hands again

What should I do if my mask gets wet or dirty?

If your mask gets wet or dirty during your appointment, let your care team know that you need a new mask.

How else can I prepare for screening at the entrance of the organization?

  • You can complete your screening for an upcoming appointment online with our mobile screening tool. Please note that you must complete the tool a maximum of four (4) hours  before your appointment.  After that time, your screening confirmation will expire and you will need to re-do the mobile screening or be screened in person when you arrive.
  • Arrive a few minutes early in case there are any delays or lines
  • Have your appointment letter ready to show the screening staff

Are patients admitted to the hospital (inpatients) also wearing masks?

Admitted patients must wear a mask during care if they are on contact/droplet or contact/aerosol precautions AND when they are outside their room.

Will my care team be wearing a mask?

All staff, physicians and learners working in clinical care areas and staff working in non-clinical areas must wear a mask.

How can I learn more about masks?

If you have any questions about wearing a mask while on site, please ask our entrance screening staff or your health care team.