Clinical Research Services

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Clinical Research Services (CRS) supports researchers, research and hospital staff, students and trainees involved in clinical research, clinical trials, and/or health services affiliated with Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Providence Care and Queen’s University. The CRS team are located in the W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (WJHCPOR) on Connell 4 and the Clinical Research Centre located on Watkins 5C in the Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston General Hospital site.

Established in 2000, this team supports and facilitates collaborative research across all health disciplines and focus areas. The CRS team’s expertise includes a research methodologist, a biostatistician and a research facilitator to assist researchers and their teams with research design, data analysis, education, training and knowledge transfer.  

Please contact our CRS team as early as possible in your study process, as they can be most effective when they’re involved in your study from the beginning. 

CRS activities include: 

  • Assist with planning and methodological aspects of  proposal development 
  • Provide input into data collection issues such as correct tools, database set-up, data coding and data management
  • Assist in questionnaire design and data collection tools
  • Biostatistical support, including planning, analysis and interpretation
  • Assist with dissemination, including abstracts, presentations and preparation of manuscripts
  • Providing guidance related to certifications (ethics, biohazards, animal care), hospital/university approvals (i.e. TRAQ), clinical trial registrations, contracts, and navigating hospital based research
  • Assist with clinical research education (i.e. GCP, TDG/IATA, Health Canada Division 5, SOPs) and orientation (i.e. WJHCPOR)
  • Provide information about internal funding opportunities
  • Provide guidance for incorporating patient engagement into research projects

How to get started: 

To schedule a meeting, please contact one of our team. 

Wilma Hopman, MA
Research Methodologist

Andrew Day, MSc

Patrick Norman

Lisa McAvoy, MA, CCRP
Associate Director, Health Sciences Research