Dr. Steven Brooks

About The Video

You may have seen an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) unit at your local hockey rink or public fitness centre — but do you know how to use it? Dr. Steven Brooks, a clinician-scientist in emergency medicine, is working to improve outcomes for cardiac arrest patients by researching how we can improve response and treatment, both in the community and in the hospital. While researching AEDs, Dr. Brooks discovered that it’s not a matter of the quantity of the devices in the community – rather, it’s a matter of knowing where they are and how to use them. He’s worked with an engineer to devise a mathematical model that identifies the best locations in communities for AEDs, and is also working on ways to increase bystander use of them. We can also do more for cardiac arrest patients once they arrive at the hospital. Dr. Brooks is researching best practices for health care teams treating stroke patients in acute care settings, including targeted temperature management and special teams that can follow the patient for the first 24-72 hours to ensure optimal recovery. Learn more about Dr. Brooks' Research.